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Corporate Marketing Video

If it's a sales presentation, product guide, or video training, or other corporate application Video Diamonds can fulfill all of your digital video or multimedia presentation needs. Need a company overview video for a trade show loop or website?

Video Production for Web

We can create interactive videos with menus, scene selecting to jump directly to the topics your need to discuss in your corporate video presentation. Incorporate high quality video into your slide show to make your project have a stronger impact on your potential client or investor.

Investment Fund Raising Video

Video Diamonds can help you tell your digital story to excite your prospective investors and achieve maximum project "buy-in". Contact Video Diamonds to discuss your project and bring some of the industry's best fundraising experience to your service.

Here are some of the general categories or our client videos:

* Training seminars - informal single cam augmented with close up details where required
* Formal speeches & presentations - multi-cam with editing
* Informal groundbreaking ceremonies
* Retirement parties
* Company events
* Employee training
* Marketing/promotional
* Company documentaries / histories for investor relations
* Tradeshow loops to grab the attention of your customers and get them "in the booth"
* Non-profit fundraisers
* New Employee welcome / orientation
* Product instruction directly from the designer or VP of Sales
* Interviews and testimonials shots for your product or service




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